Useful Craft Ideas that You Can Sell

Author: Misha Anatolia

You are a stay-at-home mom or you are thinking about starting your own home-based business. This idea is very attractive but you need to do some preliminary planning and preparation.

A home-based business should focus on something that is easy to sell and that you can be constantly involved in. starting a business on the basis of your favorite crafts is one excellent revenue-generating idea.

Certain crafts can sell effortlessly and will be demanded all the time. Deciding which craft to start selling is essential to the success of your business.

Can You Sell Crafts
Starting your home-based business is a very big step and you should put serious consideration in it. Think about the opportunities but you should also calculate the risks and threats. Understand the fact that any small business idea poses a danger of financial losses.

When you get the idea, you should start thinking about the crafts that make you happy and that you are really good in. It has to be something that you will enjoy doing for a long period of time.

Next, you will have to calculate the business potential of the idea. Is this craft something that people look for and are willing to purchase? Something that is too abstract or impractical will make it difficult for you to generate significant sales.

You should also estimate preliminary expenditure. Do supplies cost a lot? Do you have the financial resources needed to get that business started? A positive answer to this question signifies that you are ready to give it a try.

Types of Crafts to Sell: Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are excellent when it comes to a home-based crafts business. People will always be looking for unique and intriguing gift ideas. Make use of that opportunity.

Make your gift baskets extra special by including various homemade items in the set. It can be homemade cosmetics or your own candy and cookies. You can create beautiful soap bars that will make many ladies looking for a gift very happy.

Homemade Toys
People are returning to homemade products. Mass industrial production is appearing to be less appealing to many.

Many parents are now looking for toys made out of natural materials for their children – wooden cubes are just one example. Do you enjoy making toys? This is another tremendous business opportunity that you have.

Homemade dolls look great and much more creative than the plastic, stereotypical figures that stores sell. Materials needed for doll making are relatively inexpensive and the final result can be really professionally-looking.

Homemade Jewelry
Beaded jewelry, copper earrings and seashell bracelets will always attract the attention of ladies. The more unique and special a piece of jewelry is, the higher its selling potential becomes.

Handmade jewelry has one main adventure – each piece is unique. The jewelry that you make as a part of your hobby could easily transform into a wonderful and successful home-based business idea.

Remember that any type of craft that generates consumer attention could be turned into a successful business idea. Perform a simple web search. See what people are looking for – candles, homemade cosmetics or even beautifully embroidered aprons. Crafts are useful for decorating the home and even special occasions like holidays and bridal showers. Once you know what people are really looking for, you can start making your first steps into the world of small business.

About the Author

Misha Anatolia writes about crafts and party planning topics, including bridal shower arts and crafts and other bridal shower ideas. Misha enjoys crafts and hosting parties when not writing.

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Selling Your Homemade Crafts Online With Etsy

By Ira Mency

Getting started selling with Etsy is easy. Although it is free to open a storefront, you will need to link a credit card to your account for any billing fees incurred which are due monthly. You will later have the option of paying these fees via PayPal, or with your credit card. To get started, you will set up your account and choose a user (store) name.

With Etsy, you are allowed to sell handmade items made by you, vintage items at least 20 years old, or supplies. There are no fees to have a storefront, you simply pay per item listing fees, and minimal sales fees if the item sells.

The software is easy to use, and you will go through a series of guided screens wherein you will write a description of your item for sale, use keywords for materials contained in your item, and enter up to five photos. Concise descriptions, excellent photos and good keywords are a must. More screens will prompt you for up to 14 tags that are searchable keywords for your item. You will set shipping fees and categorize your item into a section if you so choose. Finalizing your listing will then explain the listing fee charged.

The software is so user friendly, that you are able to go in and edit your item at any time before it sells by the touch of an "edit" button. I can't stress enough how easy the storefront is to use. You have the ability to create up to ten sections in your store, do batch sorting and move items from one category to another very easily.

Millions of items are on Etsy for sale at any given time. You should invest time in all the plethora of information that Etsy offers on being a successful seller. This will require work and knowledge of how the site works, although the store area is very easy to use and self-explanatory.

Strongly recommended before doing anything, is reading the Etsy "How Selling Works" and "Dos and Don'ts" guidebook and learning from their blog "The Storque". Not to mention, your peers will give you plenty of tips and tricks which you can find stated in the Quit Your Day Job" articles in "The Storque".

The only other fees you would incur are those from PayPal if you accept this payment method.

Additionally, Etsy offers "optional promotional" services such as specialized showcase slots on their site for advertising certain items at certain time slots. These fees start at $7 per slot but there are different types and sometimes additional exposure opportunities.

If your item doesn't sell in the first four months, there's an optional re listing option, which will again, cost twenty cents per item, and last you another four months. Your description and item info including photos will all be saved and re listing is as easy as a touch of a button.

In addition to your handmade crafts and wares, Etsy allows you to sell supplies for crafting, or vintage items (their definition is any item over twenty years old.)

Additional help can be found in the Etsy forums.

Ira Mency has been on Etsy since 2007 with her Retro Chalet Etsy shop at [] She also runs a blog for vintage Etsy sellers at []

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DIY Wine Rack Designs

By Stan Schubridge

If you have your own home bar, a wine rack design is the perfect accessory to add to it. But, it doesn't mean you can't have your own wine rack if you don't have a bar. They can go anywhere around your home.

But rather than travel all around the world looking for the perfect wine accessories for your home, doing it yourself can be cost effective as well as give you something fun to do. There is no reason why you can't have the things you want. If you can imagine it, then you can do it yourself.

There are several designs that we can look at today. The first design is rather simple. But, it's also very elegant.

Two Diamonds

I just made up that name so that you could imagine what it might look like. All it takes to build a two diamond wine rack that holds three bottles of wine are several different lengths of 1" by " sections of wood. You'll need four 8" lengths and eight 4" lengths to create the two diamonds. Then, you'll need seven 3" lengths to run the width. Seven screws hold your frame together. It's the easiest thing in the world to figure out and it's quite elegant no matter where you put it.

The Wine Tube

The wine tube would probably be the easiest to put together. It's so elegant in its incredibly simplistic design that it's hard to imagine it hasn't been thought of sooner. A length of wood is really all you need to create this unique wine rack.

Choose a 2" wide by 1" thick by 4-5' length of wood. The length is really up to you. Depending on how many bottles of wine you want to hold, choose your length of wood accordingly. Drill 1" diameter holes " a part the length of the wood. Attach the wood to the wall with screws and make sure it's attached to the stud in the wall for security purposes. Some people use thick rubber or plastic separators to give additional distance between the wine rack and the wall. If you alternate bottles of wine on each side of your wine rack, you can put a good amount of standard sized wine bottles on your wall.

Hanging Wine Rack

Another simple design is a hanging wine rack. You can build a wood frame using 2" by 1" wood. The length and width of your frame is determined by you. But, a normal size frame could be a small 2" by 1" frame. Simply build the frame using nails or screws. For added support, run a middle length of board across the bottom of the frame and your wine will sit better in the frame. Now, suspend your wine rack from the ceiling using a chain and you are finished. Fill your hanging wine rack with bottles of wine and you've got yourself quite the wine rack.

Any of these designs is open to your interpretation. These are just guidelines. But, you can make a larger wine rack than just the two diamond shape I mention earlier. The wine tube can have a pyramid dimension that opens wider at the bottom. Your hanging wine rank can have the additional feature of holding wine glasses as well. If you think it, you can make it happen. Do it yourself.

Stan Schubridge is a beer enthusiast who loves tasting new beers and attending beer events. Staying up to date on new innovations in beer and beer products keeps Stan on top of the beer world. You can read a great deal about beer and what Stan has found by visiting the Learning Center and other pages at []

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Confessions of a Work at Home Mom

Author: Quinn Price

I didn't mean to become a work-at-home worker. When my company laid me off after the merger, I almost gave up hope of finding something flexible enough to fit in with the demands of my family. But at the invitation of her career counselor, I found a data entry job that promised to make full use of my typing skills and provide me the flexibility I was looking for.

So what's the confession? That I love it? I do, but let me dig a little deeper for those who are thinking of heading down this road.

Confession #1: It's Not for Everyone

I ended up working with a small consulting firm. I do client presentation preparation work, handle the billing, and do other administrative support for them. I sit at a computer for 7 hours a day and process reimbursements, edit presentations, make travel arrangements for the partners, and do some light document maintenance in a SharePoint where the firm's consultants store their documents.

You might envy my commute, but if you are a highly social person with big needs for affirmation and human contact, this isn't for you. Sure, I'm at a place in my life where flexibility is more important than other job perks. But if you don't have the temperament for long hours without adult conversation and for self motivation, steer clear of all work at home opportunities.

My career counselor pointed me in this direction because I actually enjoy time alone. It energizes me. Too much socializing seems to drain me. I don't know why. I might be flawed at some deep level. I just know that's me. And knowing me helps me find opportunities that are right for me.

Confession #2: I Have to Intentionally Grow Relationships

I actively manage office relationships working in an office, I can't help but trip over my colleagues and boss many times a day. But working at home means that I have to intentionally manage relationships that otherwise would wither on the vine.

I do this in two ways; formally and informally. I coordinate meetings with the people inside the firm I support and get feedback from those I serve. And I do this informally in that I intentionally reach out to people in the firm on birthdays, after important client milestones, or simply to connect. I realize that people have other priorities so I don't become a pain, but a few minutes over skype helps to build the relationship. I can't neglect that.

It works. I've found the health of office relationships growing as I intentionally manage them. And I'm finding my job expand as I grow.

Confession #3: They Trained Me To Do This

My former job, that large corporation that decided to merge and fire me, well they trained me for the job I'm in now. Thank you. Anybody who can type well, can navigate most of the Microsoft Office applications or other applications you find in most office settings are perfect candidates for a data entry work at home opportunity. I know I was.

I wasn't happy after they let me go, but I'm okay now and honestly loving what I do. It fits. I don't know if I'll ever go back to a traditional job. So in the end, I won and they lost talent. In the end, I confess that it all worked out well for me although I noticed their stock price never recovered. At least one of us is doing well.

Janet Stein and Quinn Price are writers and contributors to the website obFindingSecrets.Com. To learn more about work at home opportunities, visit

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Stay at Home Mom Looking For Work at Home Opportunities

By []Elaine Currie

A stay at home mom was traditionally a mother whose job was to stay at home and care for the family. Housekeeping and bringing up kids were recognised to be a full time job. A mother's place was in the home. The father would be the sole breadwinner and the family would be able to live comfortably on one income.

In those (not so long ago) days the stay at home mom might look for part time work she could do from home if she found she had time on her hands. Any extra income she brought into the home would be used to treat the family to extra luxuries.

Nowadays things have changed dramatically and stay at home moms are not looking for work to do from home to pay for treats. They are looking for home jobs because the family needs a second income to keep up with the cost of everyday items.

In today's world, few ordinary families can survive on a single income. The choice many mothers face is to go out to work or see her family go without. The pressure to provide additional income causes many mothers to look for work they can perform at home.

In addition to the extra income, there are many advantages for mothers who work at home. The first big advantage is being able to stay home to take care of the family. Some other advantages are:

Saving on expenses. Work at home moms don't have to spend extra cash on buying a special wardrobe of clothes for work. They also save the cost of commuting and the cost of day care places for the children.

Shorter working hours. A mom with a home based job doesn't have to waste time on getting dressed up for work at the office or shop. No time is wasted on commuting between home and work every day.

Some women who want to work at home are lucky enough to have the sort of job they can transfer to a work from home basis. This is ideal for many kinds of virtual assistance posts. Women with a customer services background have a distinct advantage in the home based job market.

Mothers working at home at a familiar job for an existing employer have the extra advantage of not needing training. A new mother would struggle to find time for training. Just attending to a new baby's needs can swallow up the whole day. If she can turn her existing employment into a home based job, the change can be virtually seamless; this will obviously benefit the employer as well as the employee.

Negotiating the transfer of an existing job to a home based job is probably the easiest way for a stay at home mom to find work at home. Unfortunately, there are many jobs that would be impossible to do from home. Also, there are many employers who would not be prepared to take part in a work at home arrangement with existing employees. This means many moms (and moms-to-be) will have to rely on their own initiative to find ways to make money at home.

Are you a []mom looking for work? Visit the free Top 30 Work at Home Directory and check out the best []opportunities to work at home.

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Work From Home Ideas

Work From Home
By []Whittier Wrights

Thanks to internet technology, you can earn money even while sitting at home! No office, no daily traveling and no reporting; you are your own boss. Doesn't it seem great? With advancements in technology, you no longer need to go to the office to perform your job. You can work from home and generate a decent income. You can also work as a freelancer, which gives you the freedom to operate from anywhere in the world. Along with this, you can also think of starting your own home-based business.

Anyone, including students, pregnant women, moms and retired people can work from home. It is a great idea because you can skip daily traveling to and from the office and simultaneously take care of your home as well as your kids. If you are a student, it is a perfect way to support your daily expenses. Even if you are retired from your services, you can go for this option to earn money. It will keep you active and you will earn a decent amount of money every month.

Several different legitimate work from home ideas have emerged due to internet technology. They can be used as part time as well as full time jobs. More and more people prefer working from home these days as it gives them complete freedom to work as much as they want and when they want. You can also focus on creative work and sell it online.

If you like painting or crafting, or any other art, why don't you do it professionally and earn money? It can be a good option to build your career in something that you love doing.

Article writing is another work from home job that is gaining more and more popularity these days. This is the best job idea for people who have a flair for writing. You can choose the subject of your interest and write informative articles for companies. It can be considered as a full time work at home idea that will help you generate a handsome amount of money every month. In addition to this, you will come to learn about different things and happenings all around the world. If you have lost interest in reading and watching news, this can revive your interest.

You can also write reviews for different products and submit them online. Several companies pay on a per review basis to those who write reviews for their products and services. You can also search for such companies online and start submitting product reviews online. This is interesting work and most people like doing it. It is good for you do it professionally and earn money from it.

All these are online job options. There are several other jobs and businesses that you can manage offline and earn a handsome amount of income every month. Providing baby-sitting services is a good business. Since both parents are working these days, they are always looking for this type of service. You can take care of their children and generate good income every month.

If you want to start your own business, opening up of a beauty salon can be a good idea. You can start it at home while you pursue a beauty course or diploma. By keeping your prices low, you can quickly attract customers from around the neighborhood. Work from home is becoming a convenient option for students, moms and retired people. You can opt for something different from the examples given; something that interests you and generates a decent income every month. []Work from Home Ideas offers you more than one thousand innovative small business and work at home ideas that you can choose when you want. You can use them in generating a descent income every month.

Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom?

Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom? 3 Opportunities to Look At
By []Tony Mase

If you're a mom, the pressure to bring in an income, raise the kids, and take care of the house can be heavy. Luckily, there is a way to tackle all 3 at once - by becoming a work-at-home mom!

Why work from home?

Maybe you simply miss having a career now that your main job title is "mom". Or, maybe you need some extra money. Or, maybe you want to be around in the afternoons with your kids - instead of fighting traffic and an overbearing boss. Whatever the reason, there are 3 job opportunities that are perfect for work-at-home moms:

1. Start your own business.

You may not be Bill Gates or Donald Trump, but that doesn't mean you don't have the entrepreneurial spirit! In fact, you can start up a small business and run it right from your house.

Let's say you love to sew. You could make a bunch of extra money by starting up a seamstress business or even sewing kids' Halloween costumes. That way, you get to do what you love and make some valuable money in the process.

Or, if you miss your old days as an English teacher, why not offer tutoring services? You could work with neighborhood kids right at the comfort of your own kitchen table!

2. Start selling.

Companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Scentsy are always looking for new salespeople. With companies like these, all of your profits are based on commission, so you can work as much - or as little - as you want.

In fact, you can even turn your new job into a social event. Spending a Thursday night entertaining friends and showing off your latest products can be fun and profitable!

When you're in direct sales, there may be times when you have to leave the house to make sales, but you're still your own boss - so you can schedule things while the kids are in school if you need to.

3. Affiliate marketing.

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can turn the world wide web into your "storefront".

When you're an affiliate marketer, you don't have to create and manufacture your own products. Instead, you pick products that you want to promote. Then, when your efforts lead to a sale, you get a commission. It's similar to direct sales - only you never have to leave your house (or even get out of your PJ's) to do it!

Different products pay different commission rates, so if you want to get the most bang for your buck, research a bunch of different products before you start.

Tony Mase is a serious student of the works of Wallace D. Wattles and the publisher of the "  Answer Phones for Profit ebook by Leo J. Quinn, Jr. that shows you how you can make money doing something you already do everyday from the comfort of your own home. Grab your copy now at: