Winter Family Break Ideas


Families can spend time relaxing during the winter months. A day that's filled with fun activities or a weekend get away could enable your family to enjoy some quality time together. Many winter activities are typically easier on your budget, as prices are generally higher during the summer months. Whether your family enjoys a day of hiking or fishing in a nearby pond, you'll cherish a few memories of the adventure.

Beach Activities

A walk through the sand or a long stroll on the boardwalk could provide a relaxing atmosphere for your family members. The serenity of the ocean during a brisk walk provides an ideal setting to enjoy nature's calmness or some engaging conversations.

Hotel Stay

Staying in a hotel overnight or for several days might relieve your family members of the winter blues. Getting away from your home could enable your family members to enjoy a few indoor activities, such as a game room, a swimming pool or an exercise area. Many hotels are within close proximity of theaters, restaurants and other local attractions that your family may enjoy.

Take a Cruise

Planning a weekend cruise for your family's winter break could provide several days of fun. Most cruise ships have something that everyone enjoys. Whether it's shopping, sun bathing or enjoying all-inclusive meals, your family will remember the excursion.

Indoor Attractions

An indoor theme park may provide a variety of rides, water activities, miniature golf and other popular games. Some indoor theme parks have lodging and offer great ways to escape some of the cold winter days. Your family can have plenty of fun and relaxing activities without having to go outdoors.

Ski Resort

A ski resort uses the elements of winter to provide challenging outdoor activities. Whether your family members enjoy playing in the snow or navigating the toughest slopes, a skiing adventure has plenty to offer. Skiing could enable your family to have hours of outdoor fun and a memorable winter break.

Take a Trip

A trip to local museums, lighthouses or historic landmarks can provide your family with learning experiences while away from home. Your family members may recall visiting a local monument or certain statues over the most thrilling roller coaster rides. Trips that offer knowledge-based experiences could impact your family members for a lifetime. Local day trips often require less than a tank of gas and money for some snacks.


Whether you plan for a winter break or settle for a few last-minute ideas, your family can typically discover a variety of methods for easing the monotony of ordinary winter days. Time that you spend together is often more important than your selected activity. Gather around to discuss ideas that might excite everyone and set the plans for your winter family break in motion.

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